KYF Brewer and Barleyjuice are still nice (VIDEO)


Your last album was "Skulduggery Street" and that had a theme — all the stories happened in this fictitious neighborhood. Is there any common theme here? 

There’s no conceptual thread to these songs. Really just more of what we do best, done better. We’re at the point with Barleyjuice where the only challenge left is to write a new song that’s as good as the last favorite without sounding too much like it!  Same with the covers. Just keep the creative edge sharp.

I think "This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things" represents some of the best work we’ve done, and so far the response has backed that up. Very rewarding for a guy who only ever really wanted to be a live performer.

Here's a video of Barleyjuice performing at the Maryland Renaissance Fair: