In rural Ireland we love too see our Irish Yanks coming -- Admiration and respect for Irish Americans is total


Seamus might have been only a couple of years the senior, but he so often looked old enough and stiff enough to be Johnny's father.  Seamus, whatever he did in the states, always seemed to look tanned and fit, light on his nimble feet, brightly and boldly dressed.

The contrast was often a savage reflection on the different lifestyles, maybe the drier climate, probably a higher standard of living. Thankfully you don't see that anymore.  I'm glad about that above all.

There is something bone-deep in about all of us, and that is the special warm feeling you experience in your chest when you are truly in the midst of a gathering of your own flesh and blood.

I can assure those of you who have not yet had that experience in Ireland that it is still strongly here.

It is worth getting the taste of it.