Dubliner’s Empire Circus “Stands” for Greatness


But the songs on Empire Circus so enthusiastically embrace the new with great fun and great music that it is hard for me (or any Stand fan) to hold a grudge for too long!

Then again, if lightening up the mood a bit and re-naming Stand gets Empire Circus songs on the radio with massive overexposure like they so richly deserve, then fair play to them. Heck, if Empire Circus ends up with a “Moon Man” statue at the MTV Awards next year, this old Stand fan will have nothing to complain about! You can check out the new music at   www.weareempirecircus.com.

I caught up with Eurelle about the new project. Here’s how it went.

What brought on the renaming?  

After a few short months we were introduced to Brian Ellis, who just brought a ball of energy and positivity to the mix. We decided to start writing and working on songs with him. It was so fresh and different to anything we'd ever done as Stand that we decided to change everything including the name. It just seemed right to leave the past behind and follow this new trail.

Music is our passion. Creating it and playing it live. All anyone wants outta life is to do what their passionate about. Agreed?

When you're not getting the recognition you feel you deserve, especially in your own hometown, that’s when something is wrong and that’s when it's time to change. That’s what we did.

Was it like the Beatles with Sgt. Pepper in that you could pretend to be someone else? 

Not really. But I get what you mean. We definitely took on new personas, but that was due to the upbeat energy in the music and not to any "mind expansion.”

It was more like this -- Stand is like the ex-girlfriend that broke all our hearts. We tried and tried and we're constantly ignored by most. Think of Sisyphus rolling that boulder up the hill only to watch it roll all the way down again just as he reached the summit. That's what it was like. Twelve years of hard work and "Everything amounts to (almost) nothing.

How would you say the sound of the two bands are different? 

Empire Circus is a lot more positive and upbeat. We wanna make people dance and feel good. It's more mature and sounds so much better than anything we've done with Stand, which is largely due to Bryce Goggin producing and engineering. Look him up. Amazing guy.

Compared to EC, Stand is like your moody little brother who sits in his bedroom playing Warcraft while picking scabs off his knee caps.

How would you describe this band to someone who has never heard you? 

Empire Circus are here to make you move. Inside and out!

I would also be curious as to what the reaction was of your old fans to the music? 

The reaction so far has been very positive, and we're flattered that so many people already know the words given that the album isn't out until September 12. We released some singles and an EP earlier in the year so people have either bought that or listening to our songs on the net.

Some people want us to break out the occasional Stand song but we're sorry, it won’t be happening any time soon. This is our way forward. All I know is, our radio play is up, our revenues are up and our spirits are high. Reason enough for any change.

The other option was admit defeat and lay down and die. No way, not happening.