Celtic Thunder duo Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly go acoustic (VIDEO)


I think they get a buzz out of that as well, that someone of our generation is interested in their music.

How did you pick the mix of songs?

Neil: We did so many gigs and versions of the shows, and we had some tried and true songs on it that we knew the fans would like from reading their faces in the crowd all these years.

What has been the response by the fans?

Neil: We got this amazing reaction overall and how people critique the album which is great because it shows they are listening to it. It seems to be something that people are playing over and over again, which is hugely gratifying.

Ryan: We treated the album as a mini-gig or show.

How was it recording and producing on your own? Would you consider writing your own songs?

Neil: We both have albums of original material so we are used to producing on our own. In fact Ryan has one coming out soon. We have written some songs separately and I think we have the taste to write together.  We have common goals.

Ryan: Neil produced the album and has the amazing know-how to do it.

Do you still keep in touch with any of the former Celtic Thunder cast members?

Ryan: We’re all busy on all corners of the world so we don’t hang out as much as we did when we were in the same show. We lived out of each other’s pockets for so long that we have this bond.

It’s impossible to lose touch because we’ve been through so much together. We did an acoustic show recently and it turns out that Damian was in Seattle and joined us for a few songs. It was great!

Check out Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly by visiting their website on www.Acousticbycandlelight.com.

Here's a video of Neil and Ryan singing "Whiskey in the Jar":