Catskills Irish Arts Week needs your help


Two youngsters, Dylan Foley and Dan Gurney, whose homes were in close proximity to the Catskills, showed very early promise at the Catskills Irish Arts Week over the years and have turned into outstanding musicians respected on both sides of the Atlantic, released their own solo CDs in the past year. 

Schedules for all of these will be posted on the website so stay tuned.

The financial picture of the CIAW is in peril because this dogged economic downturn is causing financial woes for the Quill Irish Centre, its host over the years.

We have launched a fundraising campaign through to help raise cash for this year’s program, and we are hopeful that the many fans and supporters of valuable programs like this will come aboard and help out even if they can’t attend the week’s classes, concerts or dances and contribute directly.

Donations can be sent to the M.J. Quill Irish Cultural and Sports Centre, P.O. Box 320, East Durham, New York, 12423 earmarked for the CIAW fund.