Burren’s Back Room in Somerville, MA, is not to be missed


Hanley opened up with the four selections allotted to her and featured songs from her new CD The Ecstasy of St. Cecelia, including her very fine rendition of Sanctuary, the Vincent Woods song.

She was joined on stage by piper Joey Abarta (who has his own CD about to be released) and Sean Earnest.  When she left the stage the applause from the audience was more for her strong performance than her local roots.

The Yanks were in the midst of a tour supporting their self-titled new CD recorded last summer in the backstage area of the Blackthorn Pub outdoor pavilion in the Catskill town of East Durham during Catskills Irish Arts Week.

The foursome had often hooked up in late night early morning sessions at the Catskills crossroads over the years, where Foley and Gurney were fixtures from a very early age latching on to the senior musicians for musical mentoring of the first rank.

Alderson and Earnest carried the same keen interest and zest for the old music, so the quartet was formed to play with their own dynamic flair.

Like so many who came before them, the Yanks play the music because they love it.  When you follow your heart people respond to it, and there is no fear for the future of the music in their hands.

You can see for yourself when they have a Catskills launch on the Catskills Irish Arts Week Wednesday night concert in East Durham, and you can be sure they will return to the scene of their musical crimes down at the Blackthorn before the week winds down.