Best Irish Fest; Sean Nos Tent; The 'Sexiest' Irish Name


Irish Family History Topics 196
Among Todays Topics at the Irish Roots Cafe:

1) Irish Family Name Focus on Cormick
2) Search for Talbot, Tumpane, Carrigan & Flynn
3) Notes on our Favorite Irish Festival in the U.S.
4) Sean Nós Irish Song Awards tent 2011 - 2012 !
5) YouTube Genealogy ‘Video Shorts’ added !
6) Scandalous Irish Family Name from Sexton.

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Notes This Week:
What’s happening today at the Irish Roots Cafe

1) Just catching up on things here, you know we
are usually so filled with Irishness after the Dublin,
Ohio Festival that we don’t have the energy to make
it to the K.C. festival which is next on our list… but
maybe this year we will be able to gear up for it, and
see how things are going - maybe even sing a song
or two. I hear it is rip-roarin’ now…

Louisville Irish Arts
2) Did I tell you about the Louisville, Kentucky,
Irish Arts Festival yet ?
Well, Barbara Fields stopped by our tent in
Dublin and introduced herself and this nice event.
Hope we will be able to make it - at least in 2012 !
(if not 2011)

Folks We Met
3) And talking about who dropped by the festival,
I also recall Brian O’Neill of the O’Neill Clann
Association who is a good one, and of course the
Ward Irish Sheet music exhibit again this year, and
Kathleen Whitt, who judged us at the SeanNós
competition song tent at Dublin, goin for the gold !
Meet Me Next Year
Hey, next year I want to get a group to show up for
this friendly session of singing old style, in the Irish
Language. Lots of us beginners out there.
So, put it on your list and contact me today if you
are going to be there next year !

YouTube Genealogy Video
4) Speaking of our Irish Video Shorts on YouTube.
You can find most of them under my account name
of MicktheBridge.
That’s the name I use to hide out from everyone
when I sing.
(My channel is the Irish Roots Cafe on YouTube.)
The first 16 video shorts are up and posted there,
with a focus on Genealogy, History, and of course
Books to help research the same !
The Link:
The link to our helpful videos on YouTube:

We will be adding some traditional and Sean Nós
song videos shortly and more on genealogy.
So keep your eyes open for them.

At The Irish Festival
We always run into the most interesting people
and stories at the Irish Fest in Dublin, Ohio. It’s
been that way for 13 years or so, and they keep
asking us back as consultants and exhibitors in
the genealogy tent- and sometimes to teach at the
Irish Academy there before the fest. (Something
too few people really have taken advantage of. )

I’ll play the recording I made with one researcher
this year about an Irishman who married someone
who required he change his name before they were
united. Well, so Costello did, but there is a surprise
ending. And for all of you who wonder where your
family went…. take a listen to this one ! (podcast 196)

Irish Names Researched
Here are just a few of the names that I recall being
looked after by researchers this year, maybe if I put
them all out there, I will be able to get them out of
my mind:
Dorsey; Milligan; Costello (2); Walsh; Murphy; Riley;
O’Neyland with the unicorn arms; O’Brien of Missouri;
MacNamara (2); Roach; McGee; McCann; Corbett;
Ramsay (looking for a Scots kilt now): Hanrahan; and

The most scandalous of all Irish names: Sexton was
shortened to the name of ‘Sex’, and it said so on his
drivers license, just to make sure I took it seriously..
We had at least 4 families mention County Wexford
this year, all along with Clare; and Cork; and Cavan…

Tough Ones
I remember looking for Nephan and advising it could
be from a more common spelling of Nevin. They were
also looking for Grimes of County Mayo, Ireland; and
deClare from France, avoiding persecution; and Garmon
was another good one, perhaps from Gorman. The
scarcest one of all for me was: ‘Busher’, and I’ve heard
a million family searches, but this was the first ‘Busher’.