Aedin Moloney’s on her love of ‘Ulysses’ at annual Bloomsday celebrations on Wall Street


Of course, the opportunity to work with her father after all these years is a great milestone in Moloney’s life.

“My daddy and I had never collaborated on anything and I wanted to connect with him on an artistic level,” she says.

“His work has been very much connected and as a part of our family His creative side is very evident -- it’s who he is. That’s what’s surprising: how easy it was to work with him. It just flows. We read each other’s thoughts.”

Moloney has finished the dialogue and they have been working on the music slowly and fitting it into the spoken word. 
“We have half the music down and we have a goal set for the end of this year,” she says.

“It has truly been a labor of love. We have people interested in producing it and publishing it. I’m not focused on the business end of it as I am most focused on finishing it.”

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