Absolutely no relation to US Republican politician Mitch McConnell


And McConnell daughters in Ireland, like that long ago girl in Cavan, are almost always very beautiful indeed.

I hope I have proved beyond doubt that I am not related at all to the McConnell from Kentucky. I wish him well, however, and would be delighted if, despite being now politically downcast, he could find time to issue a one line statement saying he has no clan connection at all with Cormac MacConnell of Clare.

And, in anticipation of that gesture, I offer one of my own. It makes no sense at all to me but perhaps it does in Kentucky.

One of the Americans who attacked me in Galway for being a relation said, cryptically and through gritted teeth, “Tell your bloody cousin that he is not going to enjoy the tea party we are planning for him!”

It makes no sense to me but I am passing it on for what it is worth!