Abortion reform Irish style - Women still have no rights over their own bodies, continue to travel to the UK for procedure


Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny was saying last weekend that it was his duty to bring in legislation to give "clarity" to doctors.  But the great weakness in the outline of the proposed legislation is the continuing lack of certainty for doctors.  That may lead to a variation in interpretation by doctors. 

Defining the line where a risk to the health of a pregnant woman becomes a risk to her life is very difficult.  Some doctors may tolerate a high level of risk; some may certify an abortion even if the risk is relatively low and distant.  This may well lead to different outcomes for women in different hospitals and women being assessed by different doctors. 

One thing is clear.  Women will not be allowed to decide what level of risk they want to take in any of these situations.  So much for a woman's right to choose.   

It's abortion Irish-style. First you buy your ticket to the U.K. ...