A new dynamic due Anto Thistlethwaite and Leo Moran hit the road


We brought it to Sun Street in Tuam to have it mastered. Kenny is our engineer. His first comment was the sound quality, with Anto’s prowess with the recording knobs. He did a great job mastering it, from making it into a tape form into a record.

It’s not a groundbreaking, bestseller kind of record. This is going to be more or less what they heard of the night, not much fancy stuff on it.

What have been some challenges around putting this new project together?

For one thing it has become awfully difficult to enter the U.S. You have to get your visas and tax stuff before you come in. If it were myself and Anto we never would have figured it all out. Thank God we have management.

There’s this feeling within the Irish musical community that coming to America is more hassle than it’s worth nowadays, and that is sad because it deprives American audiences of some great new Irish voices.

How have fans reacted to the duo? 

You don’t get a huge reaction when you’re announcing small stuff, the micro goings-on of the people. We are getting great reactions to the shows and selling shows.

For a full listing of tour dates and to buy tickets go to: http://www.leoandanto.com/