A Great Start To A New Year, Feis 2011


Pender-Keady Charity for Brain Aneurysm Foundation

Charity Dance off over 14 won by Kendal Griffler ( Early McLoughlin School)

As we start another new year on the competitive circuit, dancers jumped right back into competitive mode, keeping up with their workouts and practice over the Holiday break.

Gearing up for the 2011 season, competitive dancers must be physically fit because even short dances can be physically demanding. Also, dancers must continuously train to maintain and improve their technique, balance skills, strength and flexibility. Competitive dancing requires dedication, as many months may be spent practicing dance and developing dance steps.

Feis’s started all over the country, opening with Feis Na Cara 2011, the Pender-Keady Feis 2011 and Feis na Blian Nua 2011 in the Mid Atlantic region. There is no doubting the atmosphere, was electric. The coordinators of each Feis worked hard to bring the Irish Art of Dance and Music together. Musicians, with their spectacular music filled the rooms. Adjudicators, Tabulators and Vendors round off the inner workings of a feis

Erin Pender, Kathleen Keady and Erin Kennedy put on another spectacular Pender-Keady Feis. A great big congratulation, to all of their families and their volunteers.

The Pender-Keady Academy Feis dedicated one of their competitions in the memory of one of their students Annie Bashlow Curtin, on Sat. Jan. 15th, 2011.


Thanks to all the generous outpouring of love, support and passion, they were able to present a check for $16,000.00 to a representative, Mrs. Brady from the Brain Aneurysm Foundation.

Charity Dance Off under 14 won by Sean Crosby ( Hagen School )

"A Dancer's Prayer"

Dear angel, ever at my side

Be there today, my feet to guide.

Help me dance high, and light, and free,

So everyone will be proud of me.

May the judges be fair and the stages be spacious.

In winning and losing let me be gracious,

So that every dance I'll remember with pride.

And angel, please keep my shoelaces tied.

Judge Results

For Pender-Keady Feis 2011

Pender-Keady Feis 2011 As Tabulated by Jim Montague, FeisWeb.Com on Sat Jan 15

Overall ReCap: There were 513 PC & OC Champions registered for the feis and 453 danced. 242 were awarded (53.4%).

Champion regular events ended shortly after 6:47 PM when last regular event was tabulated. There were 2 rounds PC and 3 rounds for OC, with special "round" medals awarded.

I congratulate Kathleen, Erin, their Committee as well as all the friendly, knowledgable volunteers involved with this success.

My special thanks to Jim & Amy Lucey as well as John Murphy for another year of tabulating assistance. I apologize to Amy for forgetting to recognize her help last year.

Thanks to the committee for asking me back!


12:21 PM

Event #400 Preliminary Boys and Girls Under 8

Judged by Kate O'Connor-Rea, CA, Jonathon McMorrow, ENG & Jen Nagle McGovern, NJ

11 Registered, 10 Entered, 0 Withdrew . . . Awards To Top 5 Finishers ( 50% )

Place . . . . Dancer ( School )

1 <> … #597 Sarah Sam-Zee-Moi ( O'Rourke )

2 <> … #863 Alice Nickles ( Harney )

3 <> … #190 Meghan Sheridan ( Petri )