Irish dancers enraged by column saying we are elitist


Irish dance, on the whole, is an extremely positive community. We support each other through everything – injuries,  existential crises, eating disorders, depression, anxiety... we are there for each other. And when people jump in from the outside to tear down dancers and say nasty, uncalled for things, we will be there for each other. But we will also speak out, and ask you to treat our small community with respect. We may look silly to you, but we love what we do.

So we will wear our tacky dresses with pride. We will hold our heads high with our "critters" placed atop them. And we will wear our war paint. Because we are Irish warrior princesses and you can't keep us down.

* Molly Egloff is  25 years old from upstate NY (US). She is a championship level dancer, and has  been dancing for 21 years. She is an avid blogger, who works in the IT industry.