Fail! Barack Obama's 13 foreign policy failures


3. Moving Away from a Unipolar World. After the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, political scientists on university campuses all over the world correctly and ominously observed that the planet had a single, global, economic and military power. That’s right: the country that stole its land from indigenous peoples, oppressed African-American slaves, mistreated other immigrant groups, jailed the Japanese during World War II, and to this day discriminates against gays and women, among others, effectively ruled the world. That is wrong. So when our President said that the United States was the best country in the world, but he intended to totally transform it, he had these issues in mind. We are not worthy to be the unipolar power. If the earth becomes more messy, so be it.

2. Defusing Iran’s Nuclear Program. Not “mission accomplished” here yet, but note that first, Israel has not yet blown Iran to smithereens, and second, Iran apparently still does not have the bomb. And speaking of progress, just this week both American and Iranian negotiators spoke of the negotiations being clearly on track for the July timetable. And speaking of countries that shouldn’t have nuclear weapons.

1. Number One Foreign Policy Achievement of the Obama Administration: Dennis Rodman’s Diplomatic Mission to North Korea. Pure genius! We are still uncertain of the genesis of this maneuver. North Korea may have some nuclear weapons and capabilities and a few rockets, but the rockets are unreliable and can’t reach the East Coast yet, right? And who can take seriously the leader of an entire country (and who told him to add a bad haircut to the young, fat look?) who has a state visit with Captain Wackadoodle himself, Dennis Rodman? It is not easy to make Ozzy Ozbourne look articulate, but Rodman did it. One doesn’t get to say this often, but Madonna: What Were You Thinking?