Overweight Irish woman says plastic surgery changed her life


“My only worry was the recovery time, and that wasn’t an issue at all. I was ready to come back to work after a week the first time and quicker even the second,” she said.

Duff said her experience has been nothing but positive.

“Dr. Brauman and his staff are excellent. They don’t just take your money and run. They keep in touch with me all the time. The personal touch is important. We are not just clients to them, we are friends and that is lovely,” she says.

Duff, who has no regrets, jokes that she might get a chin tuck for her 40th birthday.

“Well maybe I will wait until I’m about 50,” she laughs.

Duff, who claims she is a different woman since she had the surgeries, is now training for her kick boxing belts. She is toned, healthy and looks gorgeous.

“I can fit into clothes and wear clothes I never thought in my life I would look good in, and I do look good in them,” said Duff, who now weighs 172 pounds.

 “Getting this done was the best decision I ever made. It has changed my life and I thank Dr. Brauman for that,” she said.

To the naysayers, who “couldn’t understand why I was going to America and getting this done” Duff said they are just jealous that she is doing something good for herself.

“People said to me you are mad. They called me Miss Botox and everything but I turn a blind eye. I don’t give them a second thought because I think I look good and I’m happy with me and the way I look now,” added Duff proudly.