Claims Irish lobby is racist to seek visas for their own undocumented


There are even bars in Yonkers who are serving underage drinkers she claims, and one was even closed down for a while. Coming from a bar owner’s daughter that is some comment to make.

On the way back from an ILIR rally in Washington, the professor is disgusted to see some “Bad Paddies” light up and smoke.

“Then,” she writes, “the Bad Irish Paddy could be kept hidden on this day, but only for so long.”

Jesus wept.

Senator Charles Schumer and ILIR President Ciaran Staunton
Senator Charles Schumer and ILIR President Ciaran Staunton

It also appears we are not allowed to lobby for our undocumented the way so many other groups lobby for theirs – and if we do we are racists for doing so.

Were the Australians racists when they got a special visa deal? How about the Mexicans when they got one? The Polish when they sought one?

But the book contains no mention of those groups. Just the racist ILIR.

The president of ILIR is my brother-in-law, Ciaran Staunton, and I often joke with him about the amount of time he spends lobbying with other groups, liaising with ethnic lobbies from across the country.

If she had bothered interviewing him instead of using secret little informers she might have learned a lot more in her research.

He and other leaders in ILIR such as Bart Murphy in San Francisco and Billy Lawless in Chicago have reached out across this country to build grassroots links with other ethnic groups to bring about immigration reform.

Billy Lawless (left) attending an immigrant rights meeting
Billy Lawless (left) attending an immigrant rights meeting

None of this permeates the dull blade of a brain of Miss Prim and Proper, but it surely should have impacted some editor to ask some pertinent questions about where the associate professor’s racist taunts came from – or has political correctness run amok in our colleges altogether?

Apparently a whole clutch of academics helped Nugent Duffy write her garbage. They too, especially those from NYU, should be listed in this Hall of Shame.

The writer gives a special shout out to her Irish family and friends, so let’s give them a rip roaring acknowledgement too.

Let’s hear it for Seamus, Nora, Jimmy and Sean Nugent, the Boyles and Boylettes and the Dundalk Duffys – not forgetting her partner Niall Duffy.

Folks, be proud. Gypo Nolan has nothing on your girl.