Violent attacks on gays in New York up 70 percent in 2013


Tell that to the Gang of Eight Senators who threw gays under the bus yesterday, refusing to acknowledge their families for immigration purposes.

That kind of veiled contempt sends a message the public hears. Just this month in New York City, in the heart of the gay village, two gay couples were hospitalized with broken bones in separate attacks by marauding gangs (it’s always gangs who attack -- it’s never a one on one battle). Attacks on gays rose by 70 percent in 2013. This is progress?

Then last weekend a 32-year-old man named Mark Carson was shot dead at point blank range on East 4th Street by an unhinged shooter who repeatedly yelled homophobic slurs at him. They were two blocks from the famous Stonewall Inn.

I don’t know what happens inside a man to turn him into a budding psychopath looking for a moving target on a city street. I don’t know what deep private unease they are attempting to express in such a public manner. I don’t actually care now either.

I’ve been going to gay bars for 20 years and I have never seen a fight erupt, ever. So it turns out that gay people were never the problem.

The problem is the few dangerous men who stand on our street corners, waiting. No mater how the Supreme Court rules next month they’ll still be on our streets.

Be careful out there.