Lucinda Creighton, who's against gay equality, has 'loads of gay friends'


Me: 'Well… I would love to sit and listen to your fas-cin-ating theories about girls and boys and nature and God but I have a life and truthfully I can't bear to listen to another minute of witless half examined b.s. from another entitled national figure. G'night.' 

That's not nice, but neither is being denied your legal equality by a person who has never given it any thought. The other line in her interview this week that really caught my attention was her insistence that gay marriage isn't a big deal. 'It’s not a fundamental issue for me in the way that abortion is…' she said.

It's not an issue for you? For YOU? Well that's nice, and - gosh - that's an interesting way to identify and parcel out your religious and moral objections. Abortion bad; gays whatever?

Translated from the original Creighton, she is saying that gays are a problem or we wouldn't be having this conversation, but she is not herself gay so she doesn't care what happens to them quite in the way that she cares about something that could actually happen to herself, TO HER. Get it?

This week she ostentatiously (and momentarily) left the national stage; the plain people of Ireland were given a champion. She'll back be back before you can say General Election. In Irish politics some are born great, some achieve greatness and some are groomed to lead the party whether they have the talent to or not.

But with friends like Lucinda Irish gays (and it turns out Irish women) don't need enemies.