Father Gerald Murray says gays are oppressing and victimizing Catholics - VIDEO


It's instructive to watch representatives of the institution that gave us the biggest sex scandals in history (and the biggest cover ups) still pointing the finger, rather than turning the other cheek.

But is this how the church shows its love to gays, by denying them their own agency, by insulting their personhood, by calling them sinners and then insisting they're attacking the church, the family and the nation? What kind of love is that, I wonder?

The ease with which Father Murray calls others sinners contrasts sharply with his displeasure at being called a bigot, doesn't it?

Father Murray's claims are baseless. He is quite free to say what he likes and associate with whom he likes. He claims he wants to protect his free speech, but he seems to have no appetite to accept the consequences of his speech when others take a different view.

The Catholic Church is two millennia old, fabulously wealthy, and internationally influential. It's insupportable nonsense to claim it or any other denomination is under threat from gay people. Father Murray's paranoiac rantings give the lie to Cardinal Dolan's recent claim that the Church will amend it's outreach to gays so that they know they are loved.