Was Nancy Grace's debut on 'Dancing with the Stars' with Tristan MacManus too revealing? - PHOTOS


Nancy Grace warming up in front of the camera's before her Dancing with the Stars debut. Photo: ABC

The former prosecutor and cable news host Nancy Grace was 'getting her sexy on' tweeted one watcher when she made her debut on Dancing with the Stars on Monday night.

The brave 51-year-old began her routine sitting behind a desk on the stage, before removing a black blazer to reveal a sparkly dance costume.

The routine designed to appear close to reality for the former desk news host, had a very sexy theme to it which suited the dance style of the Cha Cha, wearing a sexy dress and swinging her hips to the music.

While dancing with her professional dancing partner, Irish dancer Tristan MacManus, she proved to have rhythm as she cha-cha'd across the dance floor.

Beaming and grinning, the mother-of-two seemed to be really enjoying her performance. 'I just wanna have fun and show my three-year-old twins that mommy can dance,' Grace said. 'Look, I'm know I'm not the youngest, prettiest or the skinniest in this bunch, but I've got the most heart.'

Nancy Grace begins her debut dance routine in a similar way to how most are used to seeing her, behind a news desk.

Nancy Grace makes a costume change while remembering her steps


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