Susan Boyle dreams of becoming bigger than the Beatles


Susan Boyle has said she dreams of becoming bigger than The Beatles some day.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the chart topper said: “The Beatles are still around now, their records live on. I hope to be in the same calibre one day."

Susan is adamant she isn't taking her fame for granted: “I'm always so touched by my fans. They give me amazing support on both sides of the Atlantic.

"They even still take pictures of me where I live back home on the street. But if they didn't do that I'd probably worry. I'd think 'what have I done wrong?'”

Susan admits she has become such a celebrity that she cannot take the bus anymore in her home town of Blackburn, West Lothian in Scotland.

"When I go on buses there are always problems with people going, 'Oh, there's that lass, she used to be on the telly'.

"It's just too much so I'm getting a people carrier and my family and friends can drive me around," she added.