Stacy Keibler was a cheerleader at a basketball game between US President Barack Obama and George Clooney


George Clooney and Barack Obama
The former WWE star admitted that she got actively involved in the sports match when her boyfriend, Clooney, hosted a star-studded fundraising dinner in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Following the event, which raked in $15million for Obama's re-election campaign, actor Tobey Maguire joined the pair for the playoff.

She told People: "I was a cheerleader on the side. George and Obama were on the same team, so they both [won]. It made it easy."

Stacy also said it was "an honor" to have organized a fundraising event for the American leader.

She added: "To have the President at our house was such an unbelievable honor. I would say that there is such an energy and a presence, and I felt almost speechless."

Obama is expected to attend a benefit thrown by actress Eva Longoria and entertainer Ricky Martin in New York City on Monday (May 14).

'Glee' co-creator Ryan Murphy has also said that he will host a dinner for the politician who recently announced his support of gay marriage.