Joan Jett says Kristen Stewart has what it takes in 'The Runaways'


Joan Jett who will be played by Kristen Stewart in the new movie 'The Runaways'has stated one of her aims is to find her Irish roots.

" My father was Irish, and I believe he came from County Mayo. Want to explore that a little bit more when I have the time...

She also told that Kristen Stewart of 'Twilight ' fame did a great job in the new movie playing her.

"I never wanted a movie in the first place. I figured, all they could do was screw it up. So, I wasn't really into it...

I decided, once I was going to sell them my life rights and stuff, that I wanted to be involved in all of it, and be there as much as possible.

And once I met Kristen Stewart, and talked to her about the role, and about her take on it, I was really pretty confident that she was going to have what it takes to get where she needed to get.

So, I think a lot of it comes down to the actors, that they took it so seriously.

They did a lot of their own research, and then Cherie Currie got to work with Dakota Fanning, which I'm sure was helpful for Dakota.

And I was there on set every day, watching Kristen, to be there for her, if she needed to ask me any questions. 'How would you do this?'

I also wanted to watch the movie production. I wanted to make sure that nothing got too far - what's the word - afield? So, this is a movie, so there are a few embellishments, but it's based on a lot of factual things, and I just wanted to stay around and make sure that it was in the realm of reality."