Who wants to buy our beautiful thatched cottage in Clare, Ireland?


The Dutch Nation has a thriving glasshouse, and there is a sunroom and two storage sheds in which Maisie's calves once thrived.

Maybe Annett is too far away for the daily commute to Raheen, but the cottage location is amazing otherwise, 10 minutes from Shannon Airport, five minutes from Shannon Town, 20 minutes each from Limerick City and Ennis, less than an hour from the Cliffs of Moher and the wondrous Burren, just over an hour on good roads to Galway City and Connemara.

About the same length of time will get you down into the kingdom of Kerry. And a few minutes in either direction brings you either to lively Newmarket on Fergus or to my much-loved Honk Bar on the very edge of the airport.

Ye can see why I write this with jorrow. A cell or two inside my zany head kinda hopes that none of you avail of this offer.

If that happens we will float Maisie's on the local market and serenely wait until a purchaser comes along later in the year. As I said this offer is open just to all of you for a month.

The housing market in Ireland is sluggish now but it will still cost us 125,000 euros (whatever that is in dollars) to re-locate in Killaloe. That is exactly what we are looking for in the deal because, at my age, I do not want to even consider seeking a mortgage.

The cottage is totally clear of any overhanging mortgage or any other charge or debt. The purchaser will be handed the title deeds, clear and clean, if and when a deal is struck.

We will not haggle or taggle about the price. If any of you send an expert to examine Maisie's they will be warmly greeted, and all questions will be honestly answered and we will not do any of the cosmetic things people do like always having the aroma of freshly baked bread in the kitchen.

None of that. Take us as you find us and no harm done.

Any expressions of interest from any of you should be directed, not to us, but to our solicitor Risteard Crimmins in Shannon. His email is info@crimminshoward.ie.

He is an absolute gentleman, and his office telephone number is 011-353-61-361088. With some excitement and certainly with jorrow I will leave it there for now. Maybe some of you can guess where I am heading before bedtime…