Wolfie 'drops' two names: Paul Krugman and David Starkey


In fact, Wolfie thinks America would be privileged to turn Irish.

Interesting that nowhere in his column did he talk about the Irish people in ways other than statistics. That could be because he’s never met them, either as a writer or a sitcom star. Roommate Felix Unger was Jewish, and so was Murray the cop, I think. There MAY have been an occasional Irish guest star, like "Otis the drunk," but it was few and far-between.

But at least he should know a few pertinent things about Irish history.

Yup, things are bad right now in Ireland. But they've been a lot worse.

In the 1840s, millions of Irish starved to death in Europe’s worst 19th century genocide as the British stood by – probably watching "Questions and Answers."

But during the commercial break, Ireland recovered and defeated the British.

Not only that, they have endured and overcome more than almost any other nation on earth.

In the 1950s, the country had nothing and huge numbers of people emigrated. In the 1980s, the country was even more broke and many more emigrated.

The Irish are used to adversity. And used to overcoming it.

A recession? This is a blip compared to some of the great tragedies of the past.

He doesn't mention for instance, Ireland's greatest success story the creation of peace in the North.

In fact, Ireland was so successful in getting sworn enemies to lay down their weapons and talk to each other that the model is now being used around the world. As IrishCentral.com reported, a new initiative last week brought former fighters from Israel and Palestine to make peace with one another in Ireland.

And so, as poor "Oscar" shut down the comments section of his blog to stifle the legions of average people and above-average experts who resorted to irrelevant facts and figures in an attempt to discredit him, he became a contender in Wolfie's weekly competition.

Just as the truth was not with him when he penned (he cannot use a computer due to an ailment over which he has no control: stupidity) his anti-Ireland drivel, Professor Starkey stunned the morticians and came back to haunt the British airwaves, spewing out more stupidity than British soccer gangs, er, fans.

Sadly for onetime front-runner Krugman, he is now again part of an odd couple, sharing the limelight with the absent-brained Professor.