You better watch out - Santa is on his way and Irish American kids couldn’t be more excited


His favorite thing about Christmas? “I get loads of time off school to squeeze my little brother Aran.”

His big sister Sarah (mom from Co. Down and dad’s family from Co. Dublin and Co. Kerry) told the

Irish Voice that every year without fail the whole McNamee family goes to Mass.

“I like going on Christmas morning after I open my presents,” she said.

“Christmas is special too you know, not just because we get presents but it’s the birth of Christ and we celebrate that too.”

Her friend Julia said “the most important thing at Christmas is being with family all the time.”

And little Chiara has only one wish this Christmas and that’s for Santa -- to bring her a new front tooth.

She shows the Irish Voice her missing tooth and said, “I hope he gets me a new one.”

Luke’s favorite part of Christmas is decorating the tree.

When asked if he was good this year he nodded hesitantly.

“I was about 40 out of 100 good,” admits Luke.

But his sister Sarah clarified saying, “No he was more like 50 out of 100.”

Santa will undoubtedly look kindly on all of the boys and girls this Christmas.