Why they don't want any good news about the Catholic Church over here


It’s always the boy who says he’ll always be there for you that’s never there when you call. It’s always the so-called independent thinkers who end up being as bland as beige when challenged to consider a new idea. And it’s always fools like me who are disappointed for believing in them, time and time again.

In a haze of heartbreak, I called my best friend and begged her to give me perspective.

‘You’re at one of those critical crossroads. The question isn’t whether this one person likes your project. It’s, do you believe in it? I believe in it, and I know you do, too. So you have to choose to either continue to work on this, no matter what they say, or drop the project after all of your work.’

Before we hung up, she added, ‘It’ll all work out. Trust me. You just have to believe.’

Is there any blessing quite as inspiring as true friendship? Hope in life restored.

For now, at the very least.