Where and how I find God in my life in this troubled world


It is in this search for universal values, a search that may allow peace to be reborn from the ashes of war, that today I most clearly see “God.” It is into that troubled gray zone of conflicts and reconstruction that I hope “God” will help and guide me in leading a better life of service to those in need.
*As a distinguished doctor of medicine, Dr. Kevin Cahill Cahill began his medical career in 1961, studying tropical disease in the slums of Calcutta beside Mother Theresa.

Cahill has cared for patients in 65 countries in some of the most war-torn places in the world, and was among the first to predict the famine in Somalia.. He treated Pope John Paul after his assassination attempt and also President Ronald Reagan. He is President-General of the American Irish Historical Society

This is an essay in To Bear Witness: A Journey of Healing and Solidarity which will be published by Fordham Univ. Press in 2013.