Weekly news from around the 32 counties of Ireland



Last week the Belfast Telegraph launches a major offensive to tackle the filth that is blighting our province. The Big Clean-Up is being launched after shocking figures revealed that £30m a year is spent on clearing up rubbish that has been carelessly discarded by members of the public — the equivalent of employing 1,400 additional nurses.

(Source: The Belfast Telegraph)



If you are a betting person, we may (or may not) have a money making scheme for you. Carlow’s very own starlet, Saoirse Ronan, is being hotly tipped for an Oscar. Surely not meaning to put any undue pressure on a teenage girl not yet 16, Paddy Power is taking bets that Saoirse will win an Oscar for her role in The Lovely Bones. The 15-year-old actress is 11/8 to get the nod for her role as Susie Salmon in the 2009 film adaptation of the book, and just 8/1 to make Oscar history and become the youngest best actress Oscar winner ever.

(Source: The Carlow Nationalist)



Cavan lobby group has welcomed a move by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to issue a review of the license granted to Oxigen reducing the amount of biodegradable waste that it can accept at the Corranure landfill on the outskirts of Cavan town. Cian Murtagh, the chairman of the Cavan Better Waste Management group said that residents in the vicinity of Corranure had endured "the worst weekend ever" last weekend with the stench from the landfill.

(Source: The Anglo Celt)



Callan Technology is the winner of the 2010 National Enterprise Award. The awards are organized by the County and City Enterprise Boards and recognize “outstanding” micro-enterprises. Established by Joe O’Donovan and Paul O’Beirne in 2001 and nominated by the Clare County Enterprise Board, Callan Technology manufactures a range of servo- motors used in machinery in 26 countries across the US, Asia and Europe

(Source: The Irish Times)



Derry City Council has abandoned ambitious plans to raise a World War Two U-boat from the seabed off the coast of Donegal in order to display it in the city. At a meeting of the Council's Development Committee last week, councilors discussed plans to travel to Liverpool to visit a maritime museum. A council report says the steering group set up to examine the U-Boat project has "agreed upon an alternative approach to telling the U-Boat story." The report states that, because of "financial implications", they should consider telling the story of Derry's involvement in the Battle of the Atlantic through an interactive exhibit in a maritime museum.

(Source: The Derry Journal)



Fascinating new evidence discovered at an ancient grave in Ballyshannon has revealed that brain surgery was carried out on members of the population here back in the eighth/ninth century. Scientists who have been working on the remains of some 900 skeletons found at the burial site at Ballyhanna say there is also evidence of TB and cancer. They may have found evidence of cystic fibrosis in the Irish population of some 1,000 years ago.

(Source: Donegal Democrat)



A fresh attempt to find the body of a man abducted and murdered by the IRA began in south Armagh last Monday. Gerry Evans from Crossmaglen was last seen hitchhiking in Co Monaghan in March 1979. Earlier this year investigators looking for his remains drained a stretch of bogland in Co Louth. A spokesman for the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims Remains said this latest search in south Armagh was merely the "continuation of a long process". SDLP councilor Geraldine Donnelly appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

(Source: The Down Democrat)



A bundle of joy was born in the back of a BMW during Dublin's rush hour traffic last Thursday. The boy was delivered by his doctor father on the Navan Road. Razan Alresai (22), who is living in Clonsilla but originally from Syria, is the proud mother after the newborn's dramatic arrival six days late. Razan went into labor with her second child at 5.50pm, just a half-an-hour after she started to get labor pains. She then started to give birth in the car after being held up on the gridlocked road. Her husband, Dr Wissam Alsahli (30), was taking her to Holles Street hospital as a precaution, but as soon as he realized his wife was giving birth he rang emergency services to raise the alarm. "When my wife said she was feeling that maybe the head is down there, I had to stop the car. The road was full of cars. No one would move. I had my emergency lights on and I was beeping the horn to try to get people to move but it was a complete gridlock."

(Source: The Evening Herald)



Enniskillen looks set to benefit from the arrival of a new international hotel. The first Ibis hotel in the North opened this week, and at the opening it was indicated by its chairman and chief executive of its local franchisee, Lord Diljit Rana that he is looking to extend the chain across a number of locations, including Fermanagh. No timescale has been set to date, but the county's tourism potential and it's pulling power as a major cross-border retail destination could prove decisive in attracting the international hotel chain.