U.S. travel writer banned from Ireland in immigration snafu


The next morning, Fowler was back on a plane headed for the U.S. and down $4,000 without a vacation.

Apart from being extremely upset that her vacation plans have been spoiled, that she spent four days flying back and forth across the Atlantic and that she is out $4,000 her biggest worry is that for the rest of her life she will be a marked person.

“The immigration officers in England told me to expect a lot of trouble wherever I go in the future because I wasn’t allowed into Ireland,” she said crying.

“And when will I see my friend again,” she sobs. She call to the Irish consulate in San Francisco to complain “I am indeed upset about the amount of money I am out, but all I would like out of this really is an apology and to have that mark gone off my passport so my future holidays to Ireland or elsewhere can be enjoyed and not hindered in immigration red tape,” she said.