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A Dublin taxi driver is being sued for $162m (€115m) by a U.S. based company over alleged unpaid fees relating to an oil distribution deal.

Ed O’Neill and his wife Sandra are being sued over an alleged failure to honor an agreement to share a $300m (€213m) consulting fee dating back to 2008, the Irish Independent reports.

O’Neill, whose father Edward Snr was killed in the Dublin-Monaghen bombings, is being pursued by Illinois-based CJN LLC for allegedly withholding the proceeds from an oil deal.

The Dubliner was the main consultant who helped facilitate a 2008 oil deal involving NIB Petroleum of Venezuela and Russia’s Gazprom who sold oil to Turkey’s UP Petroleum.

CJN LLC claims that O’Neill, of Attracta Road, Cabra, Dublin,was supposed to distribute the money between several American beneficiaries, but he claimed he was unable to transfer the funds.

The filing also says that O’Neill later claimed that the fund had been seized by the U.S. Treasury and was "caught" up in an alleged investigation by the FBI.

The U.S. company has gone to the High Court to try and enforce the U.S. judgment against O’Neill, in which he is being ordered to pay $167 million to the firm.

A judgement ruled that the Irish man broke a 2008 agreement to distribute a multi-million dollar consulting fee from a Turkish oil deal.

However O’Neill claims the judgment does not stand in Ireland.

"I have full proof, in writing, that I have been completely and utterly exonerated of any allegations of wrongdoing," he told the Irish Independent.

O'Neill claims that he is 'an unfortunate taxi driver from Cabra' who could not afford to travel to Illinois to defend himself in those American proceedings.

The case will continue later this month.