Uniting Ireland and the role that the United States can play in achieving this


The United States can use its position to promote this discussion in the British and Irish Governments, the northern executive and within society worldwide. The United States holds the influence required to maintain this discussion and have the difficult questions asked and answered, the pro’s and con’s debated and negotiations held. Just as it did throughout the peace process the United States can provide support and encouragement to politicians and institutions and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

We have the chance now in a time of peace to further the growth and prosperity of the small island of Ireland free from the baggage of its past, let us hear the laughter of its children as they grow up free from fear and discrimination together as unified but diverse people in a stable and democratic country. As with the Peace process the United States of America can play a key role in this, I urge you to further this debate.

(Leanne Peacock is a young Sinn Fein member who interned in Washington this summer as part of the Washington Ireland Program. The views expressed are those of the author.)