Many undocumented Irish are fed up and heading for home


Is there a possibility between now and Christmas the couple will change their minds?

“No,” said Jason. “We’re committed to the decision and that’s that.” Sarah, who holds a degree in business from the University College Dublin, has been in the U.S. for five years. She held a visa for 18 months but then fell out of status.

“I hate being undocumented and I’m not doing it anymore,” she said affirmatively. “I tried so hard to get a second visa when my first one ran out but it wasn’t possible, and at the time things were getting bad in Ireland so I stayed here and worked in a bar.”

Sarah now works in an office but is fed up of her status. “I’m leaving in five weeks,” she said. “My sister is getting married so I made up my mind a few months ago and I’m very happy with my decision.”

Is she worried about finding a job in Ireland?

“For sure.  I’ve a business degree and so do half the people on the dole, but if it comes to it my family own a restaurant and it’s surviving so I’ll pick up a few shifts there to tie me over for a
while,” said Sarah.

In the meantime, Sarah has a couple of going away parties to look forward to and hopes someday to be able to come back and visit “the lifelong friends” she made while living in New York.