Top ten people getting coal in their stocking this year- SEE PHOTOS


Fans were shocked by his departure from his squeaky clean boy band image. Despite the heartbreak, the couple announced recently that they plan to re-unite and work through the hardship.

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8. Ireland’s former Financial Regulator

No gold star’s for Brian Patterson this year as Ireland’s former Financial Regulator stepped down. The man who apparently did little to regulate reckless lending and nothing to prevent Ireland’s financial crash had the audacity to say that “everybody” was to blame for the downturn. "We were all responsible," said Patterson in a speech to the Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce earlier  this year.

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9. Charlie Sheen

The “Two and a Half” men star was surrounded by controversy this year when he thrashed his hotel room in the New York Plaza Hotel.

What was supposed to be a family holiday was transformed into a media circus with his Irish American escort, Christina Walsh, claimed that while in his hotel room, she feared for her life.

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10. Axl Rose

The Guns and Roses front man left fans furious last September when he stormed off stage after fans kept throwing water bottles at the band members. After long delays, the eighties rock star reappeared on stage and continues the concert, but a significant amount of fans had already left the arena.

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