Top ten biggest news stories on IrishCentral in 2012


9. Tragic 12-year-old Irish girl sought help from center before death

The ongoing tragedy of the high rate of suicide in Ireland was highlighted this year with the deaths of Ciara Pugsley (15), Erin (13) and Shannon Gallagher (15) and Lara Burns (12). This story revealed that Lara Burns, suspected to have been a victim of cyber bullying, had sought help from a counselling service in the period before she took her own life.

10. Outrage as Nike issue 'Black and Tan' sneaker line for St. Patrick’s Day

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, footwear giant Nike launched a sneaker called, incredibly, 'The Black and Tan.' It appears the company was totally unaware of the implications of the name for millions of Irish who connect it to the notorious paramilitary force that terrorized Ireland during the War of Independence.