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Dublin native Samantha Power named as U.S. Ambassador to UN by President Obama





Irish woman Samantha Power to be named as U.S. Ambassador to UN by President Obama

Dublin-born Samantha Power will be named United States Ambassador to the United Nations by President Barack Obama.Power will be officially appointed to her new position on Wednesday, according to reports...READ MORE


Potemkin village charade in Ireland - local councils have hired workers to paint fake shop fronts stocked with attractive but illusory produce for the pleasure of the G8 Summit meeting talking place iFake villages will greet President Obama and other G8 world leaders in Fermanagh

When the G8 world leaders fly into Northern Ireland for their major summit there on June 17, they will see a vista of progress that has been created to deceive them...READ MORE



Alexandra Clarke has gone public about her assault and rape in the hope of raising awareness and helping the police catch her attacker. Irish American woman in Chicago goes public after being raped, beaten and robbed in broad daylight - VIDEO

Twenty-two-year-old Alexandra Clarke has spoken out about her sexual assault in the hope that the men who attacked her in the middle of the day in Chicago will be captured and to raise awareness of violent crime...READ MORE



Ireland Park in Toronto. The park opened in 2007 has been closed since 2010 due to construction around the site. Anger as Toronto’s Irish famine park closed to visitors for three years

Irish in Toronto are upset that Ireland Park, Toronto’s famine memorial, has been closed since 2010 despite constant promises from the authorities to re-open it...READ MORE





A survey taken on St Patrick’s Day by Failte Ireland shows that 18 percent of the 140,000 overseas visitors at the Dublin festival were attracted by The Gathering. Organizers believe tourism initiativIrish government gives 4,000 reasons Gabriel Byrne was wrong about The Gathering Ireland 2013

The Gathering Ireland 2013 was billed as the biggest ever tourism initiative, with $6.5 million in Irish Government investment, and an aim to generate an extra 325,000 visitors creating $222 million in revenue...READ MORE