Today's Irish news roundup


Today's top Irish news stories:

Pro gay marriage and Amnesty International protesters picket Stormont, home of the Northern Ireland assembly







Ulster says no to gay marriage in split vote along sectarian lines

Gay marriage has been defeated in Northern Ireland following a block vote of major Unionist parties against it.

Sinn Fein introduced the bill in the Northern Irish Assembly and had the backing of the SDLP the other main nationalist party, the Alliance Party, and the Green Party...READ MORE


The Richard family who lost their eight-year-old son Martin. Jane, the young Irish dancer who lost her leg, and their mother Denise who suffered severe head injuries. Father Bill and eldest son Henry







Irish community rallies behind Boston bombing victims as little Irish dancer struggles to recover

The Irish community in New York stepped out to support Jane Richard, the seven-year-old from Dorchester who lost a leg in the Boston marathon bombings. The April 12th terrorist attack also claimed the life of her eight-year-old brother Martin and seriously injured her mother Denise...READ MORE


2,000 Irish per year died in Britain leaving no obvious next-of-kin. British Treasury list shows millions of unclaimed inheritance. Hundreds of Irish heirs to unclaimed British inheritance - Treasury list shows estates worth millions

Hundreds of Irish people stand to inherit millions of British pounds according to the British Treasury, which keeps a list of unclaimed estates. The largest unclaimed case is that of an Irish woman who left an estate worth $12.3 million in London...READ MORE



U.S. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III and his former college roommate Boston Celtics center Jason Collins - NBA star said Irish American pol inspired him to announce that he is gayNBA gay star Jason Collins credits Joe Kennedy III with helping him come out - VIDEO

Jason Collins, who made history this week by becoming the first pro sportsman to come out as gay, has credited Congressman Joe Kennedy III for helping him to make his historic decision...READ MORE




For just $500,000 you too can buy yourself a visa for the United StatesBuying a life in America and your U.S. citizenship - for a $500,000 price tag

Although some say money cannot buy you happiness, it can put you on a path to U.S. citizenship for a price tag of $500,000.

Through the EB-5 visa program foreigners can earn a green card granting them permanent residency – and a path to citizenship – in return for investing at least $500,000 in an American business that creates at least 10 jobs...READ MORE