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Top ten facts and figures about Hurricane Sandy -- New York’s worst storm in decades - VIDEO

1. Hurricane Sandy began in Jamaica on October 22nd, developing from an elongated tropical wave near the Caribbean sea...READ MORE


Neighbors Lucille Dwyer, right, and Linda Strong embrace after looking through the wreckage of their homes in Breezy Point on October 31, 2012.  Breezy Point residents survey Hurricane Sandy damage and broken dreams - VIDEO

Shocked residents of Breezy Point in Queens went back to their shattered homes yesterday and vowed to rebuild their dreams...READ MORE




Erin Gallagher (13), from Donegal, committed suicide having been bullied on the social networking site Ask.fmPolice interview two girls believed to be involved in Erin Gallagher’s suicide

Hundreds of mouners gathered Wednesday to pay their respects to Erin Gallagher (13), from Donegal, who committed suicide having been bullied online. The police are now speaking to two schoolgirls who presented themselves for interview, along with their parents...READ MORE



President Obama, Cardinal Dolan and GOP Candidate Mitt Romney at the Al Smith charity event in NYC recently  Why Catholic vote is likely to decide presidential election this year

At least 47million Catholics will vote Tuesday and how they do so will decide this election...READ MORE




Donald Trump has a secret about Barack Obama but what could it be?Donald Trump uses Hurricane Sandy to attack Barack Obama ahead of election

Donald Trump, who recently released a video asking President Barack Obama to release his personal and education records, has been using the Hurricane Sandy disaster to further attack the Democratic candidate during the run up to the election...READ MORE