Today's Irish news roundup, October 3rd, 2013


Today's top Irish news stories:

Never before seen Titanic mass funeral photo goes up for auction

A never before seen photograph of Titanic mass funerals will be put up for auction in England this month. The picture debunks the myth that the Titanic burials were dignified. The picture taken more than a hundred years ago shows victims stacked in body bags aboard the rescue ship the Mackay-Bennet. In the right hand side of the photo two men push a body bag into the sea while a reverend leads a funeral service…READ MORE


Former President Bill Clinton is set to make surprise visit to Ireland next week

Former President Bill Clinton is making a surprise trip to Ireland next Wednesday for a charitable event, IrishCentral has learned…READ MORE



Father Daniel McFallsCatholic priest will remain part of clergy despite arrival of his child (VIDEO)

Father Daniel McFalls, who quit his post at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Stockton, CA, has announced that his son Gabriel has arrived. Last week Father McFalls, known as Dean, told his congregation “A child will soon be born, and I am the baby’s father”…READ MORE


Young Irish need help to emigrate, support and then a reason to move home to Ireland says new strategyOver 386,000 emigrated in 5 years, new Irish government committee to lure them back

The decision was agreed by members of the Oireachtas (Parliament) Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation following the presentation of a report, entitled “Time to Go”, by the National Youth Council of Ireland…READ MORE


Women in Ireland hold signs protesting the rape of the two girls in Athlone, including "Bring back public hanging!" and "Protect kids! Not Scum!"Families of Athlone sex attack victims thank police and members of public (VIDEO)