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5,000 Irish Americans gather to help Rockaway recover from Hurricane Sandy

Rockaway Beach: Close to 5,000 Irish Americans came together this weekend to help a shattered Catholic congregation in Rockaway, New York come together...READ MORE


Papal Nuncio for Ireland, Archbishop Charles Brown, tells the Irish people to allow their faith to guide them in their decision on the new abortion legislationPapal Nuncio demands Irish people make sure their faith decides abortion vote

Papal Nuncio Charles Brown has urged the Irish people never to be afraid to allow their faith to influence their view of the right to life debate currently raging...READ MORE




Catholic Church spokesman Peter Kearney says Scotland is a hostile place for Catholics.Church spokesman says Scotland is hostile to Catholics

Church spokesman Peter Kearney has said that Scotland is a hostile place for Catholics...READ MORE





Irish drinking up to 700 percent more than safe levelsIrish drinking 700 percent over recommended safe alcohol level at risk of cancers

The official conference European Week Against Cancer said that the Irish are drinking 700 percent over recommended safe alcohol level to prevent cancer...READ MORE




Leaders including David Cameron, Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, take at the G8 Summit in 2012Irish police force on high alert over fears of G8 Summit riots

The Irish police force have put in place a major security operation ahead of the events surrounding the G8 summit...READ MORE