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Today's top Irish news stories: 

A distraught woman cries at the site where her home once stood at Breezy Point, Queens







Breezy Point still a ghost town six months after the Hurricane Sandy catastrophe hit New York

Six months after Hurricane Sandy slammed the Irish enclave of Breezy Point in New York, 2,400 out of 2,800 families have not returned to their homes...READ MORE


UFOs sighted over Kildare and Wicklow - experts say the skies over Ireland aren't safe







Irish pilots at risk from aliens, claims UFO expert

Ireland is a "hotspot" for alien activity and many Irish pilots have risked death to avoid colliding into extraterrestrial spacecraft, according to UFO experts...READ MORE


The Irish James Bond, Pierce Brosnan in a promo shot as 007James Bond, aka Pierce Brosnan, turns totally against violent movies and guns

Saying, “The gun law in America is absolutely crazy and out of control,” James Bond, AKA Irishman Pierce Brosnan, has turned against violence and thinks society is being deeply damaged by violence in films and video games...READ MORE



An influx in the number of homeless Irish has been noted by the Irish charity in western Australia, the Claddagh Association. Irish emigrants in Australia seek charity - “unrealistic” view of life Down Under

The Claddagh Association Inc., a charity set up to assist Irish emigrants in western Australia, is recognizing the fact and warning Ireland that a recent influx of unprepared and subsequently homeless emigrants has been noted in Perth...READ MORE



Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO) wants to find the most local person in Irish communities to find out the parishes from where the Irish Diaspora worldwide came from.Search on in Irish villages for person with deepest DNA roots

Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO) wants to find the most local person in Irish communities, defined as the person in the community who has the highest number of great, and great grandparents in the area...READ MORE