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Top Election 2012 stories:

Anti-Mitt Romney bias in Ireland slammed by leading Irish commentator

A leading Irish commentator Marc Coleman, economics editor for Newstalk and a columnist for  the Irish Independent, has claimed that there is a major anti-Romney bias in the Irish media...READ MORE


Top Irish news story:

Suspected pedophile and for BBC presenter Jimmy SavileSuspected pedophile Jimmy Savile boasted of IRA connections for protection

Jimmy Savile, former BBC personality who died last year, and now an accused pedophile, reportedly boasted IRA connections as a form of protection for himself...READ MORE




Top Irish roots story:

You wouldn't believe some of the place names you'll find in Ireland!The weird and wonderful place names around Ireland

To be sure, in terms of bizarre place names, Ireland can’t match its British neighbor across the water: It’s hard to compete with, say, Butt Hole Road, Crapstone, Ugley, East Breast, and Penistone...READ MORE





Top celebrity gossip story:

Harry Styles cheated on Taylor Swift with model Emma Ostilly

One Direction star Harry Styles reportedly cheated on singer Taylor Swift during a fleeting romance earlier this year by kissing American model Emma Ostilly...READ MORE





A child's buggy at the scene of a collision outside Tuam yesterday. Two-year-old and her 12 week old sister die in Galway road tragedy

A Galway town is in mourning after a two-year-old girl and her baby sister were mown down by a runaway car while out walking with their father...READ MORE