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Father Tony Flannery - outspoken priest fears excommunication over his views on women in the Catholic Church







Dissident Irish priest fears excommunication over views on women priests

Outspoken Irish cleric Father Tony Flannery has admitted he faces excommunication from the church for backing the rights of women to become priests...READ MORE


USS Hatteras - 3D sonar imaging provides a new look into the shipwreck a Union ship which was sunk off the coast of Galveston, Texas during the US Civil WarTwo Irishmen found entombed in Civil War ship off the coast of Texas

3D sonar imaging has provided a new look into the shipwreck of the USS Hatteras, a Union ship which was sunk off the coast of Galveston, Texas during the US Civil War. Only two men died the day the ship sank - Irishmen William Healy and John Cleary...READ MORE



Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field, and Stephen Spielberg at the European premiere of "Lincoln", at the Savoy Cinema in DublinDaniel Day-Lewis, Steven Spielberg hit Dublin for ‘Lincoln’ premiere

On Sunday, Dublin city got a small taste of Hollywood when the Golden Globe winning film ‘Lincoln’ hosted its European premiere at the Savoy Theater on O’Connell Street...READ MORE




Snowy scenes in County Wicklow as snow continues to fallSnow falling as freezing European conditions arrive in Ireland

Temperatures are plummeting across Ireland as heavy snow brings the country to a halt.

Motorists have been advised to restrict driving to necessary journeys only as a blanket of snow falls...READ MORE



Cover of "Beyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus" by Father Tom BrodieIrish priest disciplined after claims Jesus never existed in controversial book

A top priest has been forced to quit a bible teaching job thanks to his work of pulpit fiction which denies the existence of Jesus Christ...READ MORE