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The Bishops of Ireland has become a "nation of pagans" since the Celtic Tiger. The Association of Catholic Priests say the Irish people have succumbed to the "evils of materialism and consumerism"

Bishops believe Ireland has become a ‘nation of pagans’ after Celtic Tiger era

The Bishops of Ireland believe their flock have become a ‘nation of pagans’ according to a new report issued by the Association of Catholic Priests…READ MORE

Could Governor Martin O’Malley end up in the White House in 2016?

Dublin: Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, with roots in County Mayo and the West of Ireland, where he is staying this week, has made clear he is interested in the White House job in 2016…READ MORE



Ten facts about Ireland's mythical miniature men, the leprechauns, and where they came fromTop ten facts about leprechauns and where the legends really came from

Belief in leprechauns and other magical creatures were once widespread in Ireland, according to…READ MORE




US Ambassador Michael Collins prepares to leave WashingtonMichael Collins, longtime Irish Ambassador to United States, prepares to say goodbye

Michael Collins, the popular longtime Irish ambassador to the U.S. will reportedly make his farewell lap this summer, as he and wife Marie bid farewell to Washington with a final round of parties..READ MORE