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Maureen Dowd accused of ‘ethnic empathy’ for writing about fellow Irish American

New York Times journalist Maureen Dowd has been accused of “ethnic empathy” for writing about a fellow Irish American, Rory Staunton, the 12-year-old boy of Irish parents who died at NYU Medical Center in New York on April 1st after a misdiagnosis...READ MORE

Maureen Dowd has been accused of “ethnic empathy” for writing about a fellow Irish American, Rory Staunton



Ireland’s Viagra bill is rising as medical card holders avail of the sex drugIrish politician wants Viagra supplies cutbacks for pensioners

An Irish politician wants golden oldies to curtail their nookie – after he called on the government to cut back on Viagra for old age pensioners...READ MORE





Photos of honeymoon bride Michaela Harte's tragic murder were published by a Mauritius newspaperMauritian police raid newspaper over Michaela McAreavey crime scene photos

Police in Mauritius have raided the office of the Sunday Times newspaper in Port Louis, after the publication printed a series of crime scene photos of murdered Irish woman Michaela McAreavey on Sunday...READ MORE





An online Boycott Mauritius campaign is encouraging people not to go to there until Michaela Harte's family gets justiceBoycott Mauritius campaign grows in wake of Michaela McAreavey newspaper photo scandal

Irish travel agents are boycotting trade with Mauritius – as a newspaper there tried to defend its decision to publish photographs of murder victim Michaela McAreavey, taken minutes after her death...READ MORE





Victoria Stilwell,Celebrity dog trainer says she was threatened over 'Save Lennox' campaign -VIDEO

Following a weekend of protests over the Belfast City Council’s (BCC) killing of Lennox the dog, a celebrity dog trainer has claimed she was threatened over her support of the campaign...READ MORE