Today's Irish news roundup


George Zimmerman to be released from jail on second $1 million bond – VIDEO

The accused George Zimmerman will be released from jail on a $1 million bond according to Judge Kenneth Lester’s ruling...READ MORE

George Zimmerman turns to his lawyer Mark O'Mara in court


Carla Murphy photographed with her baby in hospital before she  smoked "bath salts"“Bath salts” zombie attack as mother busts out of maternity ward

Carla Murphy, from Altoona, PA, has been charged with smoking the synthetic drug known as “bath salts” in the maternity ward of a central Pennsylvania hospital...READ MORE





Charlies C Ebbets  “Lunch Atop A Skyscraper,” taken in 1932, in New York CityFamous Irish American photograph to be recreated in Galway for new film

The most famous photograph of Irish America, 11 men having lunch sitting on a girder 850 feet high above New York, will be recreated in Galway this weekend...READ MORE





Patch, the Jack Russell terrier, who took the train is reunited with his ownerPatch - the little dog that could - boarded train to Dublin from Kildare

Patch, a Jack Russell terrier, is making worldwide news after boarding an Irish Rail train on his own but being reunited with his owner through the magic of Twitter...READ MORE






Police Service of Northern Ireland chief constable Matt BaggottFamilies demand swift action as Bloody Sunday murder trial is confirmed

A murder investigation into the Bloody Sunday atrocity in Derry could take up to four years, according to the police in charge of the new enquiry...READ MORE