The Unstoppable Success of Frank McCourt


As for the movie deal, McCourt says a deal has been all-but finalized, with an option bought by producers Scott Rudin and David Browne and a screenplay in development by Hollywood veteran Laura Jones, who wrote the screenplay adaptation of Portrait of a Lady.

"Laura is writing the screenplay and I think she's re-naming it `Portrait of a Scabby-Eyed Kid from Limerick,'" deadpanned McCourt.

Any plans for the Pulitzer committee's prize -- a silver medallion?

"The medallion?," said McCourt, "I'm going to put in there in the other room with my relic of The True Cross."

What about the Pulitzer Committee's prize money of $5,000?

"Are you kidding?," said McCourt. "That's what I spend on lunch."

And finally, apart from the escalating price of grilled-cheese sandwiches, are there any other drawbacks connected to the continued success of Frank McCourt?

"Drawbacks? Ah, yes, the brothers," said McCourt, speaking of Malachy and the other two surviving siblings, who are featured as Frank's younger co-stars in Angela's Ashes. "They're clawing themselves to death with the envy. They're all complaining they have reporters calling them, looking for quotes. Jealous bastards."