The top ten songs in support of Ireland’s team at the UEFA European Championship 2012 - VIDEOS


The Republic of Ireland soccer team, are headed to Poland to play in the UEFA European Championship 2012, and the country could not be more excited.

Thousands are making their way across Europe for the games and the rest of the country will be glued to their TV screens. Ireland’s excitement about a soccer competition has not been so high since the World Cup Italia 1990 when Jack’s Charlton’s Army made it through to the quarter finals.

From big music names like Paul Brady and Damien Dempsey to local garage bands who are big soccer fans these videos are sure to stir up patriotism and pride in your nation’s soccer team.

Even if sport is not your thing there’s some catchy tunes and some great crowd choruses.

The Rocky Road To Poland - Official Republic Of Ireland Song for Euro 2012

Ireland Soccer Anthem Euro 2012 - Trapp and the Lads!

Bring It On! Bring It On! The Subztitutes Official Video

RiverGdansk - I'm Gonna Drive. A Euro 2012 Song for Ireland

Jedward - Put The Green Cape On - Euro 2012

The Irish House Party - Believe Stay tuned to IrishCentral this summer for all your UEFA 2012 news here.

The Sneaky Ones - It's Our Time Ireland Euros 2012 song. The Mulligan Brothers

Breen White & Gold (Official Unofficial Euro 2012 Song - Ireland)

Ill Thraps - We All Get Nil Together - (Ireland Euro 2012)

The Daisy Cutters - Gdanskin' to the Radio

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