The top ten most bizarre and crazy stories reported on IrishCentral


Over the last six years we've covered some jaw-dropping, strange and wonderful stories. Some of them have been funny, some absolutely amazing and other simply unimaginable.

Here we've put together our most unique stories, from conjoined twins who share a brain to a killer otter who terrorized an Irish village. Though we might not like to admit it, the popularity of these stories proves that everybody loves these amazingly odd tales.

1. Police used ice cream music to embarrass teen rioters in Belfast

Nursery rhymes set to music are deeply uncool. Just ask the bottle-throwing teenagers on the Twinbrook estate on outskirts of west Belfast. Ice cream music was played to them as they misbehaved and it stopped them.

'An officer used the vehicle's loudspeaker system to play music to the youths in an effort to use humor to defuse the situation. The youths stopped throwing the bottles. However police accept that this was not an appropriate action. The officer has been spoken to by a senior officer in order to establish the circumstances of the incident.'

2. Canadian Irish conjoined twins likely share the same mind

Conjoined four-year-old Irish Canadian twins, Krista and Tatiana Hogan, are making scientific history. The sisters from British Columbia share a mind.

From the very beginning doctors noticed something strange about the girls. When one was being pricked with a needle the other’s face would be a mirror image or her sister’s; wincing and bursting into tears. One pacifier in one of the baby’s mouths would sooth them both.

3. Brazilian bull causes more damage than Mayo’s celebrity shop crasher (VIDEO)

Scenes in a São José do Rio Preto, Brazil clothing shop were reminiscent of Ballinrobe, County Mayo's SuperValu supermarket in 2009.

In Brazil, a runaway bull found its way into a clothing store in 2011. The bull had escaped after a serious accident on the highway nearby. After an hour in the shop the bull escaped by ramming through the window display.

A similar situation arose in County Mayo in 2009. The video the bull rampaging through the SuperValu supermarket went viral.

4. Mysteries uncovered by 4,000 BC treasures discovered in Dublin dumpster

Police discovered a hoard of ancient gold objects in a dumpster in Dublin. Now the significance of their find has become evident.

What they found, wrapped in a sheet of paper, were two gold discs and an early Bronze Age lunula: a crescent-shaped collar from 4,000 BC. The ornaments had been in a safe stolen from a pharmacy in Strokestown, and the thieves apparently didn't notice the gold treasures.

5. An orangutan saves a duckling from drowning (VIDEO)

An amazing YouTube clip, shot by a member of the public, shows a male Bornean orangutan, called Jorong, rescuing a drowning moorehen chick from a pond at Dublin Zoo. The YouTube clip is an Internet sensation.

6. Locals flee from angry otter in County Clare village

Meet the Termin-Otter – the creature who put the wild into wildlife in County Clare village Tulla when locals tried to help it return to the waters. It had been found shuffling up the main street of Tulla with its head stuck in a bag of Tayto crisps.