The latest news on the Irish General Election


Even the RubberBandits are getting on the election vibe as they prepare to take the country’s music charts by storm again.

Fresh from the incredible success of their YouTube sensation ‘Horse Outside’, the Limerick funksters have just released their second single.

‘I Want To Fight Your Father’ is described as a good, old fashioned Limerick love song by the plastic bag duo.

And speaking to 3,000 students at Dublin’s Bolton Street college on the eve of the election, they too jumped on the political bandwagon.

“This ditty is designed to show love conquers all in these turbulent electoral times,” said the Bandits.
We’ll wait and see if it does but they do have more chance of topping the polls than most candidates in this election.


God bless the trier – Green Party leader John Gormley went to the polls on Friday convinced that the outgoing junior government party have a role to play in the new Dail.

The opinion polls state otherwise and Gormley faces a major battle to hold onto his seat but he did try to sound optimistic ahead of polling.

Whilst admitting that Fine Gael and Labour are ‘home and dry’ as the two big winners of this election, Gormley urged voters to think Green despite their desperate dalliance with Fianna Fail. He may struggle to find an audience.

Gormley has also insisted that he will not walk out on the Greens if he loses his seat in Dublin South-East.


Angry bosses at TV3 have called on the new government to instantly renege on a last minute deal signed off by outgoing Communications Minister Pat Carey.

TV3, the independently owned station, is furious that Carey has given the state run RTE permission to launch five new digital TV channels in his last act in office

The station, which relies on advertising to stay alive, say Carey’s actions threaten jobs and growth in the media industry and want the new government to cancel it as soon as they get into power.


Who’d be a politician? A Fianna Fail candidate got nowhere when he tried to organize transport to the polling station for a female constituent suffering with Alzeihemer’s Disease.
The woman’s husband was having none of it when the offer was made and retorted: “You didn’t contact me for 3 years when she was sick so you can f***off now.”


The Irish Examiner has just printed its awards for the best and most original posters of the 2011 General Election campaign – from those looking for votes and those voting but the best line of all was the name of the column - ‘Never Mind The Ballots’.

Friday morning’s Star and Sun newspapers both urged voters to ‘Kick Them In The Ballots’.

Fine Gael are so confident that they will indeed lead the next Government that they have already enlisted former president of the European Parliament Pat Cox to help them prepare for their first 100 days in office.